Monday, April 18, 2011 was probably one of the funniest sites I have read in a long time.

Initially, I thought, oh great, here is another gossip blog. The layout has a main photo and a few photos of people who subscribe to it on facebook. was looking sort of shoddy. 

The stories are refreshing though. Different but refreshing. The type of language used is a lot more readable than the everyday news jargon. It was full of humor.

Advertisements on the site were minimal but relevant to the audience at hand. Pepsi was a sponsor.

Overall, I liked It was a bit unordinary.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

People Magazine

This is a gossip magazine.I hate this crap. Vomit. Spew. Barf. Hurl.

Can someone please get me an i.v. drip? I am losing all of my fluids.

It's just a bunch of crap people think is news. I am not even going to waste my time.


The photo choices exhibited by Yahoo!Sports were pretty interesting. Every face had an intense emotion. It's like the photographers really focus on getting a great moment.

The photos were then placed so that headlines surrounded them, drawing your eyes to the headlines as they left the photos. Great tactic!

Advertisements that were placed on the page were geared toward sweaty athletes and their fans. Fitting.

Dove and UConn were examples of advertisers.

I liked this site because of the lively photos. They did a really great job.

The layout of is very bright and colorful. There are lots of reds and the main leading photo is one of women basketball players. I liked that.

Obviously, Pepsi is a huge sponsor for this website, as there were tons of Mountain ads all over the place.

The site covers a variety of sports genres, NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL and so on, catering to every sports fanatic.

There were commentaries, radio stations and games for interaction.

The site was good in my opinion for the type of information it relays.