Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Amazing Year Ahead: 2012

People who read my blog know that it's been at a stand still and that I love to write but have had a very exciting life and sometimes it doesn't allow me the privilege of contributing my time to the art.

I was using my blog as an outlet for one of my classes last year. That was exciting... ... ...

Anyway, school is almost over. I have started on a new path. TV, as much as I don't like to be on it, as much as I don 't really watch it, seems to be my future regardless of how much I avoid it. I recently began working a TV business...thus thrusting me into blogging about TVs. The irony.

If you would like to see that blog, visit . That's Nika's little brother.

Other adventures I would like to embark on include writing a book and possibly launching a recipe website that I have put a few thousand hours into. We shall see. The TV shop requires a lot of time and this semester is looking like it will be a doozy. Pray that I finish it all by May or I might be stuck for another semester. I just want to get my bachelors!!!! :D

Once again I am going to be posting interesting finds on here again, only I am a little bit more educated these days...I think...or so I've been told. I did just turn 30. :/

Thank-you anyone and everyone who happens upon my little blog. :D Have a great night!!!