Sunday, August 24, 2008


Those of you who know me very well, know that I am in love with photography. Why then, haven't I been doing my photography lately? Well, as much as I love to photograph my family, I simply cannot photograph their every move. They get annoyed. Besides that, I like to photograph things that you have not seen before. I like to play visual tricks on people with the camera. I need to diversify.

I recently started working at a photo lab so I could gain more experience. If you are a photographer, then you know that you can never get enough experience. Any experience processing film is worth it if you plan to open a studio yourself one day.

For giggles, I found a blog that showcases the interesting kind of photography that I enjoy. I have it listed in my "Sites I Visit Ever Week" section. It is called "a picture a day keeps the doctor away". This guy has such a wonderful eye. Yes, I am rhyming. Call me nutty, call my funny, call me Dr. Seuss for all I care. Just go to the site.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Sample from

You will love this!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is Prostitution a Crime?

I recently had an experience of which both surprised and disgusted me and although I have been advised not to gossip, I do need to have an outlet.

I came across some persons who I thought were in the business of trading sex for money. The people were of very different backgrounds and age ranges. It was pretty obvious to me and others who were around what was going on.

Just like the rest of society, I have my own opinions about things. I try not to be a judgemental person. This situation makes me question a few things though.

I have to know what it is that drives people to do things like this. And not from a judgemental view, from a health view. From a self-respect view. From a mother's view.

I am a writer. I'd like to consider myself a history buff, too. A humanitarian and a loving person. Definitely a sexual person. A person with the some wants and desires as the next and maybe even more.

I commend the men and women who have to do this because they have no other options. I don't think I could. There are just too many things at risk. I apologize to anyone reading this that is offended. It is not meant to be offensive, just thought provoking.

There are many countries and even in some parts of Nevada where prostitution is legal. I have seen documentaries about it that discuss the pros and cons of the job. I have read books. "Why?" you ask. It's just an interesting topic, like the legalization of marijuana. I typically don't see things in black and white,therefore, these kinds of things cross my mind from time to time. I believe there is an exception to every rule. So, I tend to side with the underdog on occasion.

So what is my opinion? Well, I know many people who have been in the business all of their lives and some for portions of it. It is dangerous, on all counts. It can be rewarding knowing that you did help someone. It can help you feel better to know that maybe you kept someone from being raped or kept someone who was very lonely from being alone. But I don't like it. I believe the body is a treasure, to be kept safe from all harm. There is an exception to every rule I say, so as long as no one is in danger, I don't see the need to keep it illegal.

I wish that everyone was honest though. I continuously see news reports of married people going behind each other's back cheating with a prostitute. That's not fair. It's not easy to be married, I know that. But cheating is cheating. You are hurting someone and that I do not agree with.

I am going to leave this up to my readers to decide for themselves. I hope that a lot of thought is put into your words before you comment because you never know who you could be hurting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Caring for the Elderly

This is a topic that is seldom thought about or talked about by anyone that I know. At least, it doesn't come up in conversations as often as say, alcohol, does. Know what I mean?

Old people. According to my recent medical training, there are three types of old people: the young old, the old and the old, old.

"What does that mean?" you say.

Well, it means that the elderly are categorized a bit so we can have an idea of what we may be in for as caregivers. Although, I think they tend to surprise us more often than we'd like to admit.

I recently spent a week of clinicals working at an old-folks home. It was quite the experience. Yes, I had to change incontinence pads. Yes it was gross. No I would not like to share that experience with you.

But I got a lot more out of it than that. What I got was that these people really just want the same love and affection that you and I want but they seem to have been forgotten by everyone else. I do not understand it myself. I got the best advice that anyone in the past two years has given me from someone I barely know and will probably never see again, in just a random conversation.

The little lady said to me that people these days just don't put enough effort into their marriages. They let them fall apart. They don't nurture one another. She told me that if I ever had any problems that I need to remember to nurture. I know she was right. And I never even brought up the fact that I am in an interracial relationship and how many people have thought it would not work out because we have so many differences.

I encourage you to try to spend more time with someone elderly. The advice they give is timeless because really, what is time but man-made anyway? The only difference between our time and their time of life is what technology has made easier for us. We all still have the same problems and we all still strive for the same things.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saucy Tunes

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a concert with my friend and sister-in-law, Dee, to see John Butler, G-Love and Special Sauce and a couple of other bands.

Let me be honest, I was thinking that I would be in for some kind of John Mayor ho-down or something. I was happily disappointed. As it turns out, the two above-mentioned bands totally rocked and rapped the house. I was pretty surprised. Happily surprised. I would even go as far as saying impressed.

Their most famous song to date is, "Baby's Got Sauce," which I have posted here so you can decide for yourself if it is as good as I think it is.

I think what actually impressed me the most was the many talents that the lead singer of G-Love and Special Sauce had. He can sing, rap, play the guitar and the harmonic and I don't mean just play. I mean he can play.

It was clear to me that the bands involved were not influenced by just one genre of music. I heard reggae, rap, rock, blues and even a little bluegrass. It was nice to see a band perform that actually had talent. It gives me hope.

For a sample of what I heard go to

Monday, August 4, 2008

Return from Studies

Sorry to have been gone for so long but I have been taking an accelerated course in some medical studies for the past three weeks. I am working on my clinicals currently and it has taken up every second of everyday this month.

On a good note, I am getting the highest grade in my class so far. :)

I am getting back to keeping my blog updated, so bare with me as I finish this course and return back to reality.