Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slavery Inside the Walls

I am writing this because I recognize there are still people being enslaved within the walls of our country.

They are being hidden in basements, cellars...being kept hostage right in front of our very eyes. Whether it is sexual slavery, domestic violence, human trafficking or any reason, we need to be more aware of the signs of it.

The United States is a breeding ground for these things because people have many freedoms and they can be used to keep the government out if not recognized for what it is. You can't just search someone's house. And looks are so deceiving. No one would have guessed that my ex-husband's family was beating my children or that I would get beaten if I even looked their way.

I didn't realize that the quiet Nigerian girl who always helped clean his mother's house was really just a slave. I thought she was just being nice. Then when I married him, she disappeared. I believe she was to be his wife until I came into the picture.

If your gut tells you something is wrong, follow it. Do more research. Don't start asking questions. Just be more observant. If you start talking, people will notice and do more to hide the truth. Just keep digging until you find the truth and try to get the person alone and ask them if they need help. You just never know. You could be that one chance they have for life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Writing a book

I recently began writing the book that people have been telling me I should write for the past ten years.

In March, after I left Abusive Jerk #2, I decided to start going to a group for women who have been facing abuse up at the domestic violence shelter, here in Saginaw, Mich. It is through a place called the Underground Railroad, named appropriately so, as many of us who have been in a domestic violence relationship knows that you are being treated just like a slave. You literally have to sneak out and escape, and sometimes run to another part of the country in order to flee their dictatorship.

The women asked me to tell my story. I tried to condense it as much as possible. When I was finished they all said, you should write a book. I said, "You know what? People have been telling me that for the past ten years. I will do that tonight as soon as I get home."

So that's what I did. I started writing the book about a month and a half ago and I am currently on chapter nine. At times it is really hard to write because I become emotional. Other times, I am dealing with so much anger I cannot focus enough to write the book. My life is a very complicated one, one which continues to grow complicated with time. As I discover who is making it this way, I am cutting them out.

In conclusion, the reason I am not doing much else in my life is that I am focusing as hard as I can on finishing this book and finalizing one of my last goals that I had set for myself as a young adult. Thanks for your interest in my blog and have a great day!!!