Wednesday, October 8, 2008


How do you know if you have disrepected someone?

It's not an easy thing to please everyone. You don't know everyone's boundaries, culture, class, morals, etc. You don't know how sensitive a person can be given certain situations. I am not an easy person to offend.

There are certain things that should make you question yourself if you find yourself always doing them and always ending up with the same results. I'm not a preacher. Quite frankly, I am a sinner. I have bad thoughts pretty much all day long, dispersed amongst thoughts of kindness, guilt, empathy, love, sadness, anger and all the others.

There is something, that yes, I learned about in Sundsy School. It's called the Golden Rule. It basically says "Do unto others as you'd have done unto yourself."

Then along with it come the Ten Commandments and the story about Jesus that says "An eye for an eye," which does not mean take revenge, it means to offer them your other eye, for the one that they've all ready poked out.

Where I fall in all of this is not quite defined. I have found myself in the past wanting revenge. That doesn't suit me anymore. I have tried offering my other eye, only to find that it does get poked out. I am looking at the middle road, the grey area, where the answer is not definite but it's not evil either.

How do you continue on after being disrespected in such a deep way without hurting the person who disrespected you? I think the answer is quite simple: don't pay those thoughts any mind anymore. I am just going to have to carry on doing what I think is right and nevermind what anyone else thinks.

When I was in school, my mother told me not to ever start a fight but to finish it or at least make sure I can protect myself. I will protect myself and if that means I have to finish a fight, so be it but I vow that I will not hurt anyone out of revenge or spite or hatred.

I just want to be respected.

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Selerines said...

Now d day's no one seems to be giving exact respect to any one.... All are gone.... Very bad.... Especially in India it is really very very bad....