Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beautiful People

Life is giving me many great opportunities right now. One is that I am living in the Detroit area and coming into contact with some phenomenal artists. I am starting to experience life the way I always wanted to, surrounded by naturally talented people, people with heart and soul. People, that if you took away all of the gadgets, could function with just their bare hands.

I am working on my photo business and with some help of a few great friends and family, it is taking off. Time seems to be an issue, along with getting all of my work together but I am going to take that time and use it to keep focused.

I wanted to thank everyone who has supported my photography and writing all these years. When I was in school, many people said, "you can't do photography and journalism AND have children." You people suck. Those of you who stood by me, rock on!!! I can and I will do it. I am a different breed.

Thanks again for your support!!!


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Selerines said...

That's great.. U are loving the people who surrounds you and supports you... Good to see.. Keep it up...