Wednesday, January 26, 2011


USA TODAY is a great example of a site that is well-organized, visually appealing and flows easily.

The designer made sure to draw the eye across the page with horizontal photos and repeated the process in a way that organized the information and created a pattern.

This site recognizes the different needs of its readers. There are entertainment, weather and hard news sections. It doesn't underestimate the intelligence of its audience, making world news and money two of its main topics. Reader polls address serious topics. There are various ways of ingesting the information, including videos and print. There is an option to become a member to the site.

Advertisements are strategically placed at the top and right sides of the page, making them the first and last things you see. There are similar ads from the same company, going with the idea of repitition in hopes of making an imprint on readers' memories. Thankfully, there weren't any popups.

I personally like the site. It shows a mature conglomerate of news and understands that the audience does not like to read garbage that they can get from their local gossip circle. It addresses real issues. The photography and design are well-done. It should be used as a model to other news organizations that are lacking.

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