Monday, February 7, 2011

Review of

There is a reason that Time Magazine has been around for so long. It's just great to read.

The site is visually appealing, with bright red and white contrasting colors and design lines that do not annoy.
All of the content is organized well, the pictures are smaller, leaving room for the many articles displayed.

The content is actually very interesting. It discusses national and international news, addresses opinions on a level that does not seem like reading a highschool gossip column and features fun facts on different topics. The writing style is formal, there are several original pieces, including one very curious story about the Bank of China. There are several ways to interact with the site, including Twitter and Facebook, going mobile and podcasts. A panel of links to contact the site producers is on the very bottom of the page.

As for advertisements, they were pretty limited. I noticed more advertising for Time Magazine than for any other product. There were many headlines with links to articles.

I love this site because there are so many articles. I saw so many interesting leads that I kept stopping to read them. It was pretty hard to continue to write this blog when all I want to do is go back there right now and read.

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