Saturday, April 14, 2012

Issues of Domestic Violence

I recently found myself in a second abusive relationship.

I saw all of the signs and kept telling myself that it was not really happening, he couldn't be doing what I thought he was doing. No way. He kept showing all good signs as well.


Things progressively got worse. He started out being just too entirely clingy for a man. It wasn't even cute. Then he had me change my phone number. Next, I had to get off of facebook. All the while, he still had his old number and even a facebook account. Then he began making comments about my friends whom he'd never even met.

I felt completely suffocated.

Next came a night with a huge, horrible fight. He was actually surprised that I would defend myself. I told him, I promised myself never to let a man talk to me or treat me like that. So I don't. I should have left then.

Finally, about three weeks ago, he started in again and took it to another level. So did I. I defended myself just as hard as he tried to hurt me. Luckily, it was self defense or I may be sitting in jail at this very moment.

When you discover that you are with a person who is not good for you and not willing to change, leave. Not next week, not tomorrow. NOW.

It is not going to get any better.

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