Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A request from my daughter...

This is a story about three little princess mermaids.

The oldest mermaid was named Angel, and the middle mermaid was named Katie-Bug. Finally, the youngest mermaid was Ali-Boobie. All three princess mermaids wished to grow up to be the queen of all Mermaidia, in the Land of Seashellia.

A problem arose one day when the three sister mermaids discovered that there was a rule against having more than one queen. The very same day, their father, King Bojo, was kidnapped by the evil underlord, Hellatian.

The princesses looked through out all of the land to find their father, but it was no use.

Quietly a snail snuck upon them and told them how to get their father back. The snail said, "If the three of you can find a common bond, then your father will be left in the nearest pond."

The three sisters were puzzled.

For weeks they sat around trying to find something they had in common, until the royal assistant asked them who was to be queen. It was then that they realized the answer to their riddle.

Ali-Boobie, understanding that there could only be one queen, new she had to think of a solution to their problem.

Ali-Boobie said, "I will be queen for a day and make a new rule, so that we may all rule Mermaidia together! We shall divide the land into three equal parts."

The sisters agreed.

For one day Ali-Boobie was queen and in that day she gave her sisters equal authority to rule the land by her side so that they may save their father from Hellatian's evil grasp.

Suddenly, there was a clamor. One of the messengers bubbled into the main entrance of the Mer-Castle.

"I have found the king!" he said. "He is in a pond across the way babbling with some seagulls that were lounging around nearby."

So the sisters sent for the royal turtles to go get their father and carry him across the land back into the sea.

Once King Bojo arrived and saw how wonderfully his daughters had handled the situation, he was so proud of them and let them stay in charge of running the kingdom.

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