Thursday, May 22, 2008

Serving Others

Do you remember when you were little and your parents made you go to church (assuming you are Christian)? They used to tell you how Jesus was a servant and how back in those days when you entered a home the host would wash your feet.

I got to thinking about that sermon for some reason. I remember how innocent I was back then. I knew nothing of sex, drugs, violence or misfortune. I remember how willing I was to help others, how hospitable.

As I look back, I realize that I am still that same person, I still want to be helpful and hospitable towards others but I find that with the problems we face in society today, it makes me weary of who I should be this way toward. I know it is wrong to be judgmental. I know I should show kindness to everyone and give everyone the benefit of the doubt but how do I do that when people tend to be so cruel and take advantage of one another? I have been at the receiving end of that for a very long time.

I have decided that irregardless of how people treat me I am going to be kind no matter what. My grandfather used to say, "You cannot teach a dog to be kind by beating it." I agree. You cannot teach a person to love by hating them.

So despite all of the differences of opinion, of religion, of culture and of upbringing, I am going to treat everyone, even those who look creepy and untrustworthy, the same. I am going to be kind to them. Maybe some day it will save my life.

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