Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The elections are just around the corner and the candidates are neck in neck but I still do not know who I am voting for.
How can I choose between a woman, a black man and a white man with so much experience? I can tell you this, I am going to focus on the issues.
I know that I do not want Roe vs. Wade reversed, so that crosses McCain of from my list. I cannot see us condemning even more people to death than what may all ready be condemned. Even if we ban abortions there is going to be some hack job on the side waiting for the business, let's face it.
I have always been a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I think she is a strong woman. Despite all of the pant-suit jokes and jabs about Bill, she has tried to fix health insurance, she has been for education and she did, after all, help clean up the economic problems from the last Bush. That is a big one. Not to mention, I don't think I'll have to worry about women's rights issues with her. That is another big one.
Now we have Obama. I don't really know what his policies are. Every time I try to find out, there is some interruption, or he and Clinton are fighting. With all of the bickering, it's like I'm at a family reunion. I keep thinking that I will just go to his website and read about it but again, I find distractions. I am going there right this instant.
If you want to find out more about the candidates, follow me to:

www.BarackObama.com www.HillaryClinton.com www.JohnMcCain.com

Thanks again and Happy Voting!!!


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