Sunday, May 16, 2010

Find the Right Job for You

Jobs are not easy to find in today's economy but we all want to be doing something we love.

Some people like to work outdoors, in all sorts of weather. Others are great working with people. Still others enjoy working with animals. Our different skills and preferences make us qualified for different careers.

In high school we are given aptitude tests to gage what types of careers we are best suited for. Later we may find that those careers are not to our liking. So what do you do when you find that you cannot stand the career field you chose to pursue?

1. Determine what it is you all ready love doing.

2. Investigate the job online. Talk to people who have been doing it a long time.

3. Ask if you can shadow someone for a few days to see the ups and downs of it first hand.

4. Speak with a guidance counselor at your local community college or university to see
what the job market is like and where it is going. There may be changes others are not
aware of.

5. Start volunteering your time at places of interest that may be added to your resume.

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