Monday, May 17, 2010

Giving Back to Your Community

I recently began a hunt for an organization that I could work for that is dedicated to giving back to their communities.

The economy is making lives difficult for everyone and being in a dead-end job does not help a person feel motivated, so I decided to take a different route. I had noticed one of my girl friends from college was always talking about how happy and blessed she felt doing her job.

I remembered the feeling I used to get when I was involved in fund raising for The Heifer Project. The Heifer Project is a world renowned organization that raises money to buy animals to send to underdeveloped countries. The purpose was to send an animal that would help to provide food and a source of income for a local village to build their economy on.

We would send cows, initially. Then as the program grew, bees, water buffalo and various other animals were added to the list to accommodate each regions needs.

Then I thought about all the other volunteer work I did: being a Big Sister, fund raising for Jerry's Kids...the list goes on.  I asked myself, "Why am I not involved in these things any longer?"

I had no answer. It left me feeling like I had no purpose. So I went back to my friend's facebook page and asked her. She said she had just googled urban ministries and this link to tech-missions under the Peace Corps came up. So I did the same. I found that there are several opportunities in the City of Saginaw that were right up my alley. It is a lengthy process.

I have been submitting my application to several agencies that are non-profits. I am going to keep submitting until I find something that is just right for me. I can no longer go on doing a job that serves no purpose other than to feed someones selfish desires. I can no longer go on doing a job that serves only to put money in my pocket and leaves me feeling empty.

My purpose in life is much greater than that.

For those of you who feel the same, I have compiled a list of organizations that need volunteers and employees.

  • Www.PeaceCorps.Gov
If all else fails, go to and type in your location and the word "non-profit," you will find something or someone who needs your assistance. Happy hunting!!!

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