Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slum Managers Rule Restaurant World

If you have ever worked in the restaurant industry you know that dealing with hungry customers can be down right crumby.

It's even worse when the people behind the counter are just as bad. Sure you have the occasional coworker that you just don't see eye to eye with but management?

Today's ethical standards for managers have sunken very low. The amount of the abuse of power they allowed to get away with is insurmountable. The economy is so terrible that there is an endless sea of unemployed workers willing to take the dive into whatever job is available, thus making it very easy for an employer to look at you, roll their eyes and say, "Next!"

There is no respect for the workers at the bottom or even the workers who have dedicated a year or five to the establishment.

Take the case of Ashley Johnson, who was fired for merely complaining about a lousy tip she received from a couple who held after her shift was over, only to give her a five dollar tip when she had waited on them for three hours!!! I would expect a five dollar tip for one hour of my service but for three? I imagine one of her "friends" from work let management know about the complaint and viola! she was ousted.

Who cares anymore about the struggle we everyday people have to just make ends meet but then we have to come to work and deal with people who do not appreciate us. It makes my blood boil.

This rant is not only for the ignorant, egotistical blood-sucking managers who think they rule the world...because if it were not for us hardworking employees you would be doing the work yourselves...but it is also for those dumb jerks who think they are somehow more intelligent because they are standing in front of the counter or sitting down at the table. Get a clue. A good portion of your service workers are only doing so to move their way up the ladder. Who knows? One day we could be the nurse taking care of you at the retirement home.

Think twice before you treat the people who are going to be cleaning up your poopy diapers with disrespect. You need us more than you think.

Places I think need to improve certain aspects of management and why:

  • Brixx Pizza: You cannot inhibit a person's freedom to speech and you cannot trust informants who would pretend to be a person's friend and then turn on them for their own selfish purposes. Poor management.
  • Wendy's International: Race relations and lenient gossiping policies which breed hostilities amongst employees. It is not good business to use people and then fire them.
  • Denny's: The entire atmosphere screams underpaid and under-appreciated. Not to mention the food is horrible. Most people who go there don't notice because they are drunk. I noticed. I wasn't drinking. Gross.
To the credit of these companies, not every store you enter is exactly the same. However, all changes must come from the top. If a store notices such frequent turn over or similar complaints about a particular store manager, one must wonder why things are not being done to change the people and the policies. I know for a fact that at least one of those above mentioned stores has so many levels of corporate corruption, it is definitely a case of trying to "beat the man."
I do have one honorable mention. The owners of Ihop do a wonderful job maintaining a great restaurant, in particular the one in Mount Pleasant, Mich.  I literally make a new friend every time I visit. I spoke with the manager and told her this. I also discussed with an employee the importance of their gossiping policy. She assured me that it was a very strict policy there and that it helped to maintain a friendly working environment. Bravo to Ihop!!! Plus, what an awesome menu!!!

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