Monday, February 21, 2011, as to be expected, has a wonderful website presentation. Not only is it visually appealing but the content of the photos actually draws you into the story.  It is very easy to read and instantly includes you as part of the audience by bringing up your Facebook pals, enticing you to become a part of the site.

It's topics relate to everyone, worldwide. It discusses peer networking sites, automobiles, even plights for our furry (and not-so-furry) friends. The reporting is probably the most original and objective that I have seen so far.  Video and i-report are both ways of interacting with the site and its creators.

Cars are the most advertised besides news in general.  The audience is naturally the world at large, so they must cater to it. I didn't notice any pop-ups.

This site is very clean-cut and straight to the point. The visuals are appealing right along with the relative articles. CNN has always been a reliable source for information as it does not usually have any fat. It's one of my personal favorites, online or television.

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