Monday, February 21, 2011

Although the content of can be appealing, the layout and design of the site is not.

Cluttered with photos and headlines everywhere, it's reminiscent of my children's bedroom on a Saturday morning after a sleepover. 

The content is better than the design. There are several ways of interacting with the site, opinion columns, video, even a way to watch the newscast if you missed it, via DVR. A box for the stock market is even on the upper right hand corner of the page.

As for advertising, I noticed a Sprint and a credit score ad. Not really anything fantastic but things that still apply to the general public.

I did like some of the content on this site but found its' political views to be a little nauseating. I seriously hate reading Planned Parenthood rants. How many times do we have to read about anti-abortion fanatics? How many times do we have to listen to Mr. O'Reilly. Seriously? This guy is a huge hypocrite.  Anyway, if they cut out a lot of their fat, they might be a better, more reliable site.

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