Monday, June 1, 2009

Junk Food Junky

Okay, so I have put on a few pounds since I came home.

Mostly because my family's diet is cheese, cheese, more cheese and noodles with cheese. Oh, yeah, and potatoes.

Then you add to it that I work at a fast food establishment and that doubles the impact.

I am always on the road. Triple whammy!

So I am taking a good, long look at my diet and have decided to start eating like the bird that I am. Tweet, tweet. Flit, flit.

Back to my healthy diet of meat, veggies and nuts and berries, lol. Sounds horrible but it really is good. I just need to stay away from the CHEESE!!!

Oh, yeah, and the chocolate. :(

No worries, I am only in a size five, one size up from the four. I think it's all in my hips. lol

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