Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Cool Place to Visit

I happen to live near one of the largest tourist destinations for Christmas lovers anywhere- Frankenmuth, Michigan.
Since I spend a majority of my time applying to jobs in the area and praying the fiscal freezes will thaw, I decided to take a walk down Christmas Lane.
Frankenmuth is known as Little Bavaria. When the Bavarians came to mid-Michigan to spread Christianity to the Chippewa tribes here, they formed a little colony called Frankenmuth. The end result is a fairy-tale German-town that is possibly one of the friendliest places on the planet.
When you visit their Country Store, you see flags from every nation, I made a point of looking because I was curious about a few of them. They also have the largest collection of trinkets and candy that I have ever seen. At the Visitor's Center you will find pamphlets in every language and again, a very friendly staff.
My little crew and I could not miss out on watching the fudge being made and, of course, sampling it. We also watched a taffy maker. Then we made our way to the Cheese Haus where they make the most delectable cheeses and mustards in the world!!! Mmm...a world where I could live forever...chocolate and cheese everyday!!! It's no wonder us German descendants are bit on the rounder side.
We found our way up and down Main Street going in and out of the little shops, talking to the different store owners and meeting people from all over the world. It is a fascinating little place. It reminds me of what I call, "Little Switzerland," a.k.a. Vail, Colorado, except much more festive and from what I hear, a little bit smaller these days. I don't care. I love it!!!

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