Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Chill Precautions

Michigan is one state that is being hit extremely hard this winter by low temperatures.

Recently someone's cat froze to death because it stayed outside overnight. Construction sites are being shut down due to the equipment not being able to start. Work is being lost. Children have to stay indoors during recess. Garbage day is a nightmare.

These are only a few things that I have experienced so far.

Around the house we have had to do some other things, such as turn the heat to a steady sixty-four degrees fahrenheit and wear an undershirt, long-johns and a sweater with socks and slippers. Propane is expensive when you are not able to even go to work because the weather is so horrendous. Cutting back on the one thing that you need during the winter is okay for me. It's not okay for many others, especially the elderly who have to have their temperatures set higher in order to remain healthy. We supplement with an electric fireplace. It is warm and not as likely to start a fire as other types of portable heaters.

Traveling is another doozy. The roads are frozen solid. Black ice is everywhere. Travel is slow. I always keep a couple of bottles of water, snacks and a few blankets...just in case. Thank God for cell phones. Mine works everywhere.

Illness is prevalent during the winter because of the close confinement that you must endure to remain warm. Taking a multi-vitamin, lots of fluids and hand washing are key elements here. Soup really is the best thing because it has lots of nutrients and keeps you hydrated and warm. Resting when you are home is a very good idea, too.

All of this is common sense but many people get too caught up in their daily activities to apply it all of the time. My hope is that it will serve as a good reminder.

Good luck to everyone in keeping warm and healthy!!!



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